Every listing presentation should feature the value and benefits of staging…..

Full Stage
Staging consultations are free in this service! I will come out to your listing, do a thorough walk through and send you a bid within 24 hours. It will include the price of movers (in and out), my design fee, as well as any furniture rental fees. A detailed description of furnishings will be provided so you can know exactly what you are getting for the quoted price. I provide quality furnishings for a competitive price. Professional movers will be scheduled within two business days and that applies to removal of furnishings as well.

Partial Stage
The difference between this option and a full stage is that I will add some of my furnishings to complement your existing furnishings. Blending my furnishings with your current décor will give your home that added touch to make it shine during photos, and add flow and style when potential buyers are coming through. Filling in areas that I have had you remove your personal possessions from and also areas/rooms that just need more to look complete. I will work with your budget and do as little or as much as you ultimately want. My suggestions are just that, suggestions. You have final say and control over the level of service you want.

This service works completely with what you have. After a thorough walkthrough, I will create a “to do” list of everything I feel needs to be done to market your home.  You can complete your list on your own or hire me to help you complete it. I will suggest things like removal or movement of personal items, painting, repairs to the home, additional accessories and removal of clutter. My goal is to have your home in top shape before photos and visits from potential buyers. We want to eliminate any red flags while creating a warm environment that flows. This service has an hourly charge that we can discuss prior to coming out.

I would love to come in to your home and help you make that old room new again. It’s amazing what you can do with what you already have! My unbiased view on your home and “stuff” will help to create a brand-new look that is both functional and fresh. This may inspire you to get a few new accessories (which I can also help with), or clean house and be rid of what you don’t use anymore. Either way, this is an inexpensive way to give your house a face lift! I don’t know how many times have I heard, “I would never have thought of putting that there!”

Home Organizing
Have years gone by and you can’t seem to get organized? Do things keep coming in faster than they ever seem to go out?  I can help you get on top of this and clean out the closets, cupboards and drawers, organize what is left and get a fresh start. Trust me, you will be sure to find that charger, book, or set of keys that have been missing for a while! I will come in, do a walkthrough and charge for this service by the hour. I can work alone or with you to get this done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This service will make you feel light and free from the daunting task of getting organized.






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